SpreeConf NYC 2014




Keynote Speakers

  • Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos
    Andy DunnCEO of Bonobos
  • Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos
    Jeff MaSubject of the hit movie "21"
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Learn More About The Technology Behind The Best Storefronts

  • Sean Schofield
    Sean Schofield
    CEO: Spree Commerce
  • Brian Quinn
    Brian Quinn
    CTO: Spree Commerce
  • Sameer Gulati
    Sameer Gulati
    Chief Product Officer: Spree Commerce
  • Ryan Bigg
    Ryan Bigg
    Community Manager: Spree Commerce
  • Richard Lister
    Richard Lister
    Director DevOps: Spree Commerce
  • Andrew Hooker
    Andrew Hooker
    Lead Support Engineer: Spree Commerce

Compare Notes With Other Stores Using Spree Commerce

  • Daniel Honig
    Daniel Honig
    CTO: Rails Dog
  • Scott Raio
    Scott Raio
    CTO: Combatant Gentlemen
  • Sebastian Bean
    Sebastian Bean
    Developer: Gin Lane Media
  • Dmitri Vassilev
    Dmitri Vassilev
    Developer: Gin Lane Media
  • Denis Ivanov
    Denis Ivanov
    Lead Developer: Downshift Labs
  • Bryan Mahoney
    Bryan Mahoney
    Partner & Director: Dynamo
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  • Intro to Spree

    This is a special training session for people who are brand new to Spree. The presenter will cover everything you need to know in order to get up and running with Spree. The session will focus on the basic features of Spree from a store owner perspective as well as how to get up and running on Spree from the developer perspective.

  • Introducing Spree 2.2 Adjustments

    The brand new Spree 2.2 release contains a complete refactoring of how adjustments are handled. Whether you're interested in taxes, shipping or promotions you'll want to attend Ryan Bigg's comprehensive talk and learn more. The talk will include motivation for refactoring as well as how to get up and running with the new adjustment code.

  • Backend Integrations w/Spree Commerce hub

    The Spree Commerce hub is a new platform for extending the reach of your Spree store into a myriad of crucial line of business applications and services like drop shipping providers, accounting systems, transactional email services, custom applications and much more. Join Spree Commerce CTO Brian Quinn as he shows you how easily you can get started using our off-the-shelf services, and create custom integrations to process all the events as they happen in your store.

  • Spree Operations as Code

    Your production environment should be untouched by human hand. Learn how to automate installation, configuration and deployment of Spree for your production hosts. Richard Lister from Spree Commerce will share his considerable DevOps expertise with you and walk the audience through how to deploy a SpreeCommerce storefront using Chef.

  • Putting the Order in Disorder: Cancellations, Exchanges and Returns

    If everything went right in commerce, the order process would be one-directional, but in reality, things don't always work out that way. They have buyer's remorse after clicking the checkout button, the clothing they ordered doesn't fit, or the store screws up and sends the wrong item. Spree has some brand new features that will help you handle all of these crucial customer service interactions. Andrew Hooker (Lead Support Engineer at Spree Commerce) will walk you through these recent changes and make sure that at the end of the day, your payments, inventory, and customer satisfaction end up in the right state.

  • E-Commerce is a Bear (Keynote)

    Andy Dunn, founder and CEO of Bonobos Inc., will present on the challenges of building a profitable, lasting e-commerce company. In two decades of e-commerce in the US, we have produced only two standalone e-commerce companies of meaningful enterprise value: Amazon and eBay. One went public in 1997, the other in 1998. What gives? The problem with e-commerce is that the joy of the consumer experience, extraordinary top-line growth, and market share theft are not yet met by strong business fundamentals for standalone e-commerce players.

  • Spree Commerce: Behind the Best Storefronts (Keynote)

    Spree Commerce co-founder and CEO Sean Schofield will present a talk on the longterm vision for Spree Commerce. This keynote presentation will focus on both the open source community as well as the commercial products that are powering today's leading ecommerce companies. He'll cover the highlights from the brand new Spree 2.2 release and discuss the future direction of both the open source and commercial products.

  • Whirlwind Tour of the Spree Commerce Ecosystem

    Spree Commerce community manager Ryan Bigg takes you on a whirlwind journey covering our ever expanding ecosystem. This talk will start with the basics: how the Spree community works, how people contribute and how quality control is maintained. The primary focus of the talk, however, will be on the various resources that all Spree developers should to be aware of. The talk will conclude with an overview of several useful extensions that you can use to augment the default functionality of the Spree Commerce open source software.

  • Solving the Platform Puzzle: A Case Study

    This talk focuses on the challenges of driving a connected commerce experience with Spree as the backbone. Multiple integrations through the hub, a complex responsive front-end, coupled with stock synchronization between in-store POS and online commerce resulting in a unified customer experience. The challenges therein will be explored by the Gin Lane team, with insights into learned best practices, including the use and extension of Spree to support rich media and the complexities of dealing with a responsive front-end.

  • Results Driven Responsive: ecommerce best practices

    Bryan Mahoney from Dynamo will present his team's real-world take on improving design, code and UX across the different devices your customers use. Learn how to reduce abandonment, increase conversions, and have fun along the way.

  • Storytelling Through Content w/Spree

    Focusing on storytelling sets brands apart and creates an emotional connection with clients. Daniel Honig (CTO of Rails Dog) and his team will present their solution for using the Spree platform. The talk will explore the general need for storytelling, explain the technologies required and include discussion of real world Spree projects such as Aloha.com. Advanced techniques for managing product catalog content and storytelling content will be explored as well as recommendations and the delivery of targeted user specific content.

  • Controlling the User Experience

    Spree Commerce storefront has an incredibly powerful API which means you're not locked into how the default Spree views are setup. This means you have full control over every aspect of what the end user sees. Scott Raio (CTO - Combatant Gentlemen) walks you through his team's experience with working with the open source API. Whether its a front-end powered by Backbone.js or a native IOS app, Spree has you covered.

  • Perfecting your E-Commerce Frontend

    Denis Ivanov will return to give an updated version of the most popular talk from SpreeConf 2013. This talk aims to share three years of experience running a growing niche store through high level direction as well as practical code samples. You will learn a great deal of ProTips® on how to please both robots and humans: Search Engine Optimization, client side performance (and some backend, too) plus conversion rate management.

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Located in Chelsea within walking distance of the Ace Hotel, the SVA Theatre lends itself to plenty of culinary options and hotspots to check out while you're in New York.

SVA Theatre
333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011


Day 01
Day 02
Feb 26
  • Speaker Sessions

    A full day of sessions that focus on getting you up to speed with the latest and greatest technology developments in Spree. The day's sessions end with Andy Dunn's keynote.

  • Lightning Talks

    Join us at the SVA Theater for a series of five minute lightning talks. This is an opportunity to publicly share interesting things you are working on in Spree as well as suggest your ideas on how to improve things.

  • Happy Hour

    Enjoy a few happy hour drinks with your fellow attendees. Share what you learned during the training day and find out what interesting projects your colleagues are working on.

Feb 27
  • Speaker Sessions

    The main event features sessions on a wide range of Spree, e-commerce and design-related topics. Be sure not to miss the opening keynote by Spree creator Sean Schofield.

  • The After Party

    Join us after the conference for a few hours of drinking and lively debate! The Spree team will be in attendance along with most of our speakers.

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The Ace Hotel

20 W 29th Street, New York, NY 10011

Join the Spree team and all of our speakers at theAce Hotel which is conveniently located near the conference venue.

To reserve a room for the Call-In Group Block at the Ace Hotel, please contact Nathaly Philippe at212.679.2222who can assist you further.